Liisa Mature ballerina, Civic Square, ACT

Dear Stephen and Sophie

I received my order and have used the compression socks a couple of times after class.

Being what you might call the ‘ever so slightly more mature ballerina’ (returning to dance after a long break!)…. I am glad of anything that helps me keep dancing.

I have felt less sore after using the socks and feel that with continued use there’ll be more improvement.

Many thanks for shipping them and processing my order so quickly, and thanks for the yummy minties too!

Best wishes


Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Soloist, Royal Ballet, London UK

Hi Sophie,

Apologies for taking a while to reply but I thought it worth making sure I knew what I wanted to say!

I like the product! I have worn them on and off over the last two weeks, after rehearsals, after shows, overnight and I must say that I am a fan! Initially I wondered whether they might not be tight enough around the calf and I would be interested to see whether a smaller pair would make a difference however the results were very impressive. I was concerned that with the pressure around the ankle and mid foot that my toes may swell after wearing them but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case at all. I have been dealing with a niggle in my foot for over a year now but I felt that the morning pain (which is usually when it is at it’s worst) was improved having worn the socks.

I would be very interested, as I’m sure you would be, to see whether a female dancer would feel the same benefits what with the different strains and stresses put on the body.

Have you had any thoughts on extending the range to include shorts, tights, tops? I wonder whether there would be any way of using a similar gradient style in tights and shorts? I would be very interested to see that happen as the skins that I wear at the moment don’t seem to have as big an effect.

I really don’t have anything else to say, nothing that I could suggest to improve, I am a fan.

All the best,

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Photograph courtesy of Andrew Ross

Racheal Bollycise Bollywood Dance, Brisbane

I purchased my first pair of Coda Compression socks at the Australian Dance Festival. As a Bollywood dancer, the constant energetic moves and bouncing can be hard on my feet, and I regularly suffer from tendonitis. The Coda Compression socks made a huge difference to my weekend at the ADF, enabling a quicker recovery time which meant I was able to spend more time on the dance floor rather than on the sidelines.

I would highly recommend Coda Compression socks to any dancer – they are well worth the investment and your feet will love you for it!

Michelle Compression sock wearer and dance fanatic!

…socks are going great!! been wearing them almost everyday ๐Ÿ˜›

thanks coda

Donna Dancer's Mum
Annalise received hers yesterday and has been wearing them ever since…

…thank you Coda Compression ๐Ÿ™‚

Stephen Happy Coda Compression User
Iโ€™ve been consistently using these after training and have found that I donโ€™t have the same tired feeling when training the following day. I was also getting some swelling around my ankle after a long session and found my compression socks helped to reduce this. Great product and highly recommended!! Thanks.

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