How Compression Works

Coda Compression’s compression socks are made to a strict medical-grade specification to ensure that the graduated compression effect we promote is actually providing you with the appropriate benefits.

For compression socks to offer any benefit to the user they must include this graduated feature.  The science behind this relates to the circulatory system and the impact of gravity on the heart’s ability to move blood and the metabolic by-products resulting from strenuous exercise, from the muscles in your legs and feet through your body for processing and removal.

Our graduated compression socks apply a higher rate of pressure around the foot and ankle, slightly decreasing in pressure moving up the leg until just below the knee where pressure is the weakest.  Refer to diagram (left).  This assists the movement of blood back up the leg against gravity.  The primary effect is an improvement in circulation allowing your body to more quickly and easily recover from the effects of training or performing.

And the result…reduced soreness and fresher muscles and joints in the days following, which in turn helps you both physically and mentally to perform at your best.

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